A standing seam system for special building shapes

The patented BEMO-MONRO® system is BEMO’s standing seam system that stands for flexible adaptability of metal roofing to almost any building geometry. Here, each panel of a free-form building can often be unique. The metal panels are shaped a single work step with millimetre precision to suit the dimensions of the building.

The MONRO® system is generally used in combination with a substructure that can be adjusted in three dimensions. Irregularities in the supporting structure can therefore be compensated easily and quickly. The BEMO 3D design plans the system ready for assembly.

Special conical profiles are used for larger circular and conical buildings. A minimum width of 100 mm and a maximum deck width of 800 mm allow the realisation of almost any requirement. All BEMO special profiles are also available in curved shapes and in all materials.

  • Patented BEMO-MONRO® standing seam system
    can be adapted to almost any building shape
  • Variable track lengths
    up to more than 100 metres
  • Compensation for unevenness in the supporting structure
    through three-dimensionally adjustable substructure
  • Millimetre-precise fit of the
    of the metal tracks thanks to exact 3D dimensions
penetration-free fastening
Profile lengths of> 100 meters can be realized
adaptable to any shape of building
Available materials: aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium zinc
Surfaces: coated, natural, natural-stuccoed, brushed
Color systems: BEMO-FLON, PVDF, HDP, polyester & on customer request
Non-flammable profile
Approval Z-14.1-182 / Z-14.1-640 / FM-Approvals / ASTM / BBA-Certificate / Avis Technique

Standing seam roofs with support systems - no thermal bridges, optimal sliding properties, high load-bearing capacity

Aluminium or GFRP brackets for more load capacity of the roof

One of the most important properties of the BEMO standing seam system is the free sliding movement of the standing seam sheets during thermal linear expansion. Roof brackets with an optimal load-bearing capacity are used for this purpose. BEMO aluminium angles are designed for optimal sliding behaviour because their corners are specially bevelled. BEMO thermal caps TK 5 and TK 15 attached to the foot of the bracket ensure thermal decoupling in the metal roof structure.
high load-bearing capacity
good sliding movement of the standing seam tracks on the bracket
thermally decoupled due to the thermal caps

Roof bracket made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic for constructions free of thermal bridges (GFRP)

Building without thermal bridges to sustainably reduce energy costs

In addition to our aluminium brackets, our GFRP brackets are also suitable for a thermal bridge-free construction on the roof and the standing seam system. Since our GFRP brackets do not contain highly thermally conductive components, they are completely free of thermal bridges. This means that the insulation thickness is significantly reduced while the effective U-value stays the same. Their high rigidity and very good resilience are remarkable.
high load-bearing capacity
very good sliding movement of the standing seam panels on the bracket
completely free of thermal bridges

High-quality building shells with substructures from BEMO

Custom-fit roofing with easy installation thanks to BEMO-FLEX

With the patented BEMO-FLEX substructure system, a precisely fitting and high-quality design of metal roofs is possible – even with complicated building shapes or larger construction tolerances. As a segmented substructure, BEMO-FLEX ensures a precise installation, also of standing seam systems, and is also very easy to install. The roof substructure allows to design a three-dimensional outer skin in just a few work steps and at the same time to compensate for larger construction tolerances.

Modern computer design methodology combined with an inventory of current structures ensures that BEMO-FLEX can be used anywhere and that it is suitable for all our cladding profiles in roofs and façades. The installation of the lower U-profiles of the FLEX-SYSTEM is based on static specifications. For this purpose, the installation position of the U-profiles is recorded in a 3D scan. Thus, the necessary position and height of each BEMO roof holder can be derived. This is followed by the pre-assembly of the upper U-rail together with the positioning brackets in the workshop. In a final step, these are then screwed to the lower U-rail to complete the roof substructure.

With the appropriate design of the roof substructure, it is also possible to compensate very high tolerances or design new building shapes.

high load bearing capacity of the system
high accuracy of fit due to 3D quantity survey and design
very simple installation

Curved building shapes with BEMO-DOME as substructure

With the BEMO-DOME substructure, cylindrical or biaxially curved building shapes can be ideally implemented. The standardized system always consists of the same components. Depending on the design, these vary between round and square tubes and between different brackets. The roof substructure can be attached to all substrates and offers a tolerance compensation of +/- 45 mm.

The BEMO-DOME substructure is a suitable, highly flexible substructure solution, especially for cylindrical or biaxially curved building shapes and for standing seam systems. BEMO-DOME is mainly designed for facades of silo buildings, stadiums, oval towers (e.g. fermenters) or for transition areas from roofs to facades. The system meets all requirements, whether ventilated or non-ventilated construction of the metal roof structures.

For this substructure system, we recommend using a 3D scan as an on-site recording and BEMO execution planning in 3D in order to obtain a perfect surface of the metal profiles. As a result, you will receive a grid design with suggested attachment points and their distance and position to the supporting structure.

high load bearing capacity of the system
high accuracy of fit due to 3D quantity survey and design
easy assembly on site due to BEMO assembly design
optimal substructure solution for curved roof and façade surfaces
offers a tolerance compensation of +/- 45 mm


Casals Forum, Kronberg Academy

Architect Staab Architekten
Material Aluminium
External Surface Stucco natural
Surface approx. 1,400m²

Trabzon Bus Terminal

Architect Studio 3 Mimarlik (Architects)
Material Aluminium
External Surface Polyestercoated
Color Signal white RAL 9003
Surface approx. 3,040 m²

Hotel L’EssenCiel

Architect Agence Unité
Product used BEMO-MONRO®
Material aluminium
External Surface coated
Color AluNatur Elox Medium Champagne TL
Surface approx. 3,280 m²

Novartis Pavillon

Architect AMDL CIRCLE | Blaser Architekten
Product used BEMO-MONRO®
Material aluminium
External Surface coil coating PVDF
Color RAL 9006 matt
Surface approx. 2.500m²

Garagum Hotel & Business Center

Architect Rönesans Construction
Material aluminium
External Surface Stucco patterned
Color Stucco natural + RAL9010
Surface approx. 12,100 m²

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