3D façade solutions for individual free-form façades

Flexible façade solutions from BEMO make it possible

The freely implementable façade solution: With the 3D façade from BEMO, building design is almost unlimited. It is the adaptable concept that creates unique building envelopes. The 3D façade from BEMO makes free-form façades possible. The well-engineered façade system offers a variety of functional and visual designs that give space to individual building ideas.

3D façade cladding

New design possibilities with 3D façade cassettes

Architecture and design increasingly require façade solutions with variable shapes. Projections and recesses, curvatures, or completely free joint courses in the façade. All this can be solved with our 3D façade cassettes. Made of BEMO-BOND panels as standard, the cassettes allow for many alternatives. As a rule, individual aluminium stiffeners form the substructure of the façade cassettes. On top of this, curved or folded BEMO-BOND panels form the desired design of the architecture. As a result, the entire system is very resilient and easy to fit to the supporting structure.
variable shapes
enormously resilient complete system
simple assembly

BEMO-MONRO® is the system for a flexible standing seam covering for 3D façades

More adaptability for free-form buildings with special profiles

With BEMO-MONRO® is a flexible adaptability of standing seam roofing to virtually any building shape possible. The system allows the creation of unique standing seam roofing at the front with unique panels. The formation of the metal sheets is carried out on the basis of exact 3D measurement. They are shaped to the millimetre so that they fit perfectly into the measured space on the free-form building.

Usually, the MONRO® system is combined with a three-dimensionally adjustable substructure. This allows an easy and efficient correction of unevenness in the supporting structure. BEMO 3D design plans the system ready for installation in the standing seam roofing of the 3D façade.

For larger circular or even for conical buildings, special conical profiles are used. With a minimum width of 100 mm and a maximum covering width of 800 mm, these special profiles make the implementation of almost any requirement possible. For the reason that the standing seam sheets are formed to fit precisely for the 3D façade in a single work step, there is no need for time-consuming trimming during the project.

All special profiles are also offered in curved shapes and in all materials.

non-penetrating fastening
Profile lengths of > 100 metres are possible
available materials: aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium zinc
surfaces: coated, natural, natural-stucco, brushed
colour systems: BEMO-FLON, PVDF, HDP, polyester & upon customer request


Hotel L’EssenCiel

Architect Agence Unité
Product used BEMO-MONRO®
Material aluminium
External Surface coated
Color AluNatur Elox Medium Champagne TL
Surface approx. 3,280 m²

Garagum Hotel & Business Center

Architect Rönesans Construction
Material aluminium
External Surface Stucco patterned
Color Stucco natural + RAL9010
Surface approx. 12,100 m²

Residential Building Glitne in Umeå

Architect BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group
Material Aluminium
External Surface BEMO-FLON
Color Graphite black matt
Surface 1800 sqm standing seam + 150 sqm BEMO-MONRO

Błonie Sports Center

Architect ALSTAL Grupa Budowlana Sp. Z o.o.
Product used BEMO-MONRO
Material Aluminium
External Surface Coated PE
Color RAL9006
Surface 2.700 sqm

Stadium Lublin

Material Aluminium
External Surface coated
Color sim. RAL 9006 (double-sided)
Surface 7,500 sqm

360° Service

Technical support on its best

The implementation of your 3D façade is fully supported by our BEMO planning office. Together we master every challenge and pave the way for your individual project – with system-experienced technicians and engineers. These work with the most modern, partially in-house developed 3D planning technology. Your work includes the initial consultation as well as the implementation of the desired design, the choice of materials and design, as well as the first technical details and static preliminary measurements. Our team accompanies you through the complete implementation and workshop planning.

With our cost estimates, technical optimizations, or variant calculations, we help you to optimize your ideas economically. 3D measurements serve as the basis for our well thought-out and easy-to-assemble systems. The implementation takes place in the same way with 3D planning. This is what a comprehensive partnership with BEMO looks like for us.