Many existing buildings have reached their “sell by” date. In particular, the roofs are often in poor condition. Façades of older school buildings and day care centres often show major structural defects. On top of that, school façades and roofs are mostly visually unappealing.

Cities and local communities need to meet the increased demand for educational buildings and want durable, low-maintenance, functional building standards that are adapted to the needs of children. Furthermore, nowadays the focus is also on topics such as sustainability and “energetically correct building”.

With school façades and roofs from BEMO, you create buildings in which children and young people feel comfortable!

School roofs and school façades from BEMO are made of recyclable aluminium and are thereby sustainable and long-lasting. The installation of PV panels using the BEMO system takes place without roof penetrations and is therefore safe in the long term. A building envelope that will function for decades gives cities and local communities the functional security they desire for the future of educational buildings. Children do prefer to learn and play where they feel comfortable. And they do so in visually appealing buildings. Here, the creative and individual design of BEMO school façades makes a significant contribution.

Many requirements for educational buildings

Safety and low maintenance are the focus for school façades and roofs

Roofs and façades of schools and day care centres have special requirements that must be met: school façades should not pose a risk of injury to playing children. BEMO-BOND composite panels can therefore be supplied with closed edges and thus without sharp protrusions. Plug-in or box panels can be manufactured with head edging and thus also have no open edges that could cause injury.

It is not uncommon for school façades to be soiled with graffiti or similar. Thanks to BEMO-FLON coating, the graffiti can be removed easily and completely.

School façades in particular are damaged time and again, for example when balls hit the school façade while playing football in the schoolyard. Individual elements of a BEMO-BOND façade can be replaced easily and cost-effectively. Thicker materials and tighter pitches can massively reduce damage.

Reflections from sunlight interfere with teaching and should be avoided in educational buildings. This can be avoided by employing a matt or stucco embossed finish on the school façade and lower roof areas.

School façades and roofs to the point with BEMO:

  • closed cut edges reduce the risk of injury to children.
  • Easy-to-clean thanks to BEMO-FLON coating
  • individual BEMO-BOND panels can easily be replaced if damaged
  • matt surfaces reduce reflection

Durable, low-maintenance and recyclable building envelopes with the “feel-good” design. For a pleasant and healthy environment for our children. This is what BEMO stands for.


  • Planning support and project monitoring
  • Sustainable, durable, recyclable materials and systems
  • Wide range of colours and shapes
  • Large façade panels and long profile lengths


Koblenz Chamber of Handicrafts (HwK) Canteen

Architect BHP Architekten
Material BEMO-BOND composite panel
External Surface smooth
Color Moos Green, Pure White, Smoke Silver
Surface 220 m² (Green) + 250 m² (White) + 170 m² (Silver)

Mo.Ki Centre

Architect Nagy-Stromann GbR Architects
Material BEMO-BOND composite panel
External Surface LUMIFLON-FEVE
Color PURE White similar to RAL 9010 30 GE
Surface approx. 775 m²

Rheinfelden Industrial School

Architect Architect's office Männer
Material Composite panel / Aluminium
External Surface BEMO-FLON
Color Anthracite Gray (BEMO-BOND) + RAL 9007
Surface approx. 250 m²

Novartis Pavillon

Architect AMDL CIRCLE | Blaser Architekten
Product used BEMO-MONRO®
Material aluminium
External Surface coil coating PVDF
Color RAL 9006 matt
Surface approx. 2.500m²

Day care center Bad Ditzenbach

Architect Ott Architekten Laichingen
Material aluminium
External Surface PE
Color RAL 7016
Surface approx. 500m²

Elementary school Längenfeldgasse Vienna

Architect PPAG Architects
Material aluminium
Surface approx. 4,000 m²

Carnal Hall Le Rosey

Architect Bernard Tschumi Architects
Material Aluminium
External Surface blank
Color Alu natural + white
Surface 3.500m²

Breitengüßbach kindergarten

Architect Paptistella Architekten
Material Aluminium
External Surface BEMO Flon
Color RAL 3011
Surface 121 m² roof and approx. 200 m² facade

Stettenfelsschool Untergruppenbach

Architect Rienner Planung GmbH
Product used Clip-on panel
Material Aluminium
Color RAL 9006

Music School Ventspils

Architect haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050, Stuttgart
Material Aluminium
External Surface Anomax ultra matt
Color Anodized Light Gold
Surface 5.000 m2 standing seam, 3.500 m2 BEMO-BOND