BEMO on-roof solutions for metallic roofs:

The right solution for every requirement.

On-roof solutions from BEMO make standing seam roofs complete. We combine a wide range of options to meet any requirement: flat roofs, integration of photovoltaic and solar heating systems, snow guard systems, and safety systems such as guardrails, railings and walkways.

BEMO provides tested systems and products that make every metal roof complete. As with all BEMO solutions, quality and individuality are paramount. This means that BEMO on-roof solutions are installed without penetration so as not to jeopardise the longevity of the standing seam system.

  • Subsequent installation without penetration
    of our on-roof solutions for metal roofs
  • Tested systems and products
    for outstanding quality
  • Safety first
    with BEMO fall protection and walkway grating
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
    with PV and solar elements and green roofs
  • Smooth roof surfaces with the
    BEMO-SMOOTH system

BEMO-SMOOTH – The system for metallic roofs

Create smooth surfaces without penetration with BEMO-SMOOTH

Contemporary architecture increasingly calls for smooth surfaces, even in the roof area. BEMO-SMOOTH offers the safe and easy way to build smooth surfaces above the water-bearing level using BEMO standing seam profiles without penetration. BEMO-TOP mounting profiles are fitted on the BEMO standing seam using a folding machine in a second operation without penetration of the metallic roof. The virtually maintenance-free standing seam roof is mechanically very robust and walkable. Additional sealing of the roof system is not necessary and on-roof solutions are possible.

Even with free-form surfaces: simple installation of SMOOTH surface for metal roofing

BEMO-TOP mounting profiles accommodate different, linear thermal expansion of the standing seam system and the smooth design surface above. Further, they ensure linear load transfer from the upper surface to the substructure and avoid unwanted constraint points, as they often occur due to individually mounted retaining strips. The linear and continuous rails allow easy installation of the SMOOTH surface on the metallic roof, without prior costly measurement of the substructure.

Curved transitions from the roof to the façade are possible with curved standing seam profiles. Even free-form surfaces can be produced as smooth surfaces using MONRO profiles and the BEMO-SMOOTH system. The BEMO-SMOOTH system is a safe roof solution for almost any kind of architecturally demanding roof and façade shape.

smooth building envelope
water-bearing level is not penetrated
easy installation of the design surface
robust & walkable
thermal stress safe
even free-form surfaces can be smooth

Planning BEMO-SMOOTH with BIM

Rely on BEMO’s 360° service and let our team of experts plan your smooth building envelope in 3D and BIM. As a result, project planning gains transparency and cost and schedule certainty. Resources can thus be conserved and efficiency increased.

Datasheets | Detail drawings
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Maximum roof fall protection with BEMO

BEMO system solutions meet all requirements for roof safety

On-roof solutions must be one thing above all else: safe. Just like BEMO system solutions. For maximum fall protection on the roof, BEMO ensures that the latest European requirements for roof safety systems are met.

The BEMO roof fall protection system is also approved by the German Institute for Building Technology. It is specially designed and tested for shear forces in the edge area. We will be pleased to work out the project-specific design of the system for you. We then supply the assembly design with the system parts.

tested safety
flexible use of individual stop points
penetration-free installation

Roof walkways from BEMO for safe access

Non-slip surfaces for more grip on the metallic roof

BEMO walkways and steps as on-roof solutions allow permanent and safe walking on the BEMO standing seam roof whatever the weather. Roof walkways and steps with tested anti-slip surfaces ensure this. Adjustable base elements are clamped on without penetration and permanently accommodate the walkways. You are always safe as you work, parallel to the eaves or in the direction of the water flow. Walkways can also be combined with a railing or the BEMO roof fall protection system.

anti-slip surface
Base elements are clamped on without penetration
tested system

Precisely fitting snow guard systems for the roof

Individual snow guard systems for all requirements from BEMO

Our snow guard systems for the roof are adapted to the profile geometry of the BEMO standing seam sheets. On request, the standard unpainted system parts can also be matched to the roof surface colour and supplied in a powder-coated version. Numerous special systems to meet increased requirements for snow guard systems for the roof are also available. Load-bearing and shear load-tested anchor points are required for additional guardrails and walkways made of treads.

also available in colour on request
easy assembly
corrosion free and durable
Datasheets | Detail drawings

Roof-mounted photovoltaic and solar thermal systems

With innovative systems from BEMO for the climate-friendly roof

Renewable energy generation plays a central role when it comes to sustainable and climate-friendly construction. Photovoltaic and solar heating systems in particular are still considered to be one of the key technologies here. With its innovative systems, BEMO enables the combination of sustainable and risk-free standing seam roofs and regenerative energy recovery as on-roof solution without having to sacrifice visual aspects. Systems from BEMO allow a photovoltaic roof and the use of solar thermal systems on almost any roof shape.

Metal roof as photovoltaic roof: Climate-friendly construction with systems from BEMO

Solar systems from BEMO can be installed on standing seam sheets permanently and without penetration. This way, we avoid weak links and retain water tightness. Photovoltaic and solar heating systems are fastened using our BEMO-TOP and BEMO-AKKORD rails which have been tried and tested over many years, meeting the increased requirements for photovoltaic roofs by mounting the panels on metallic roofs.

The aluminium mounting rails are fitted to the closed flanges of the standing seam sheets in the photovoltaic roof using a seaming machine. Shear protection is simple and quick on the surface and on the eaves side if space is limited. This permanently protects the roof and gives it a lifelong impermeability. There are also major advantages over single clamps: there are no point loads and no constraints. Fast, easy, and securely mounted. The height of the standing seam flange together with the height of the BEMO rails also ensures trouble-free rear ventilation of the modules.

sustainable roof system for regenerative energy production
penetration-free assembly
simple and fast installation
no point loads & constraints
undisturbed rear ventilation
can be implemented on almost any roof shape
Datasheets | Detail drawings


Knutwil depot and fire brigade

Architect qbatur AG
Material Aluminium 1mm
External Surface Natural (bright)
Color Aluminium stucco natural
Surface approx. 900m²

Sagi Centre

Material Aluminium 1mm
External Surface PE coating
Color RAL 9006
Surface approx. 1,600m²

Day care center Bad Ditzenbach

Architect Ott Architekten Laichingen
Material aluminium
External Surface PE
Color RAL 7016
Surface approx. 500m²

Google Bay View Campus

Architect BIG und Heatherwick Studios
Material aluminium
External Surface design surface
Surface approx. 88,232 m² BEMO standing seam roof elements

Cable car Sljeme Zagreb

Architect Marko Krolo | Ana Lovinčić
Material aluminium
External Surface stucco natur
Color Alu Stucco natural + RAL9010
Surface 1.767 m²

360° Service

In synergetic partnership through all project phases

Thanks to its own planning office and technicians and engineers with system experience, BEMO has the ideal prerequisites for your individual projects and on-roof solutions – equipped with the most modern, partially specially developed 3D planning technology. This team of experts accompanies you from the initial consultation through the implementation of the design as well as the choice of material and design, the first technical details and static preliminary measurements to the complete implementation and workshop planning.

This includes cost estimates as well as technical optimizations or variant calculations. We support you in the economic optimization of your project. We use 3D measurements as the basis for our sophisticated and easy-to-assemble systems and for implementation in 3D planning. The partnership with BEMO promises you all of this.