Metal ceilings and column cladding with BEMO

Optimal interior finishing of buildings with special requirements

Acoustic requirements are perfectly standard indoors. Sound-absorbing ceilings and soffits are used for this purpose. If these systems are also to be large-format or depict special shapes, such as curves or large waves, then metal ceilings made of aluminium or steel, perforated and equipped with a sound-insulating layer, are a very good choice. For this purpose, we also offer reversible systems that ensure trouble-free disassembly and reassembly.

The cladding of walls or columns can be solved using sturdy, accurately crowned and strong BEMO-BOND panels or solid aluminium panels. Reflective surfaces, special surfaces or design surfaces, e.g. made of anodised aluminium, are available for this purpose for high-quality interior finishing.

sound absorbing
large-format solutions possible
reversible systems possible
reflective surfaces, special surfaces or design surfaces can be implemented
special shapes can be mapped


360° Service

Synergetic work with the best technical support

Experienced technicians and engineers master each of your challenges in BEMO’s own planning office. The team works with the most modern and partially specially developed 3D planning technology in order to accompany you through all project phases in the best possible way. Our cooperation begins with the initial consultation, includes the implementation of the desired designs as well as the choice of materials and design, and covers the first technical details and preliminary measurements. Even more than that, our team is at your side with the complete implementation and workshop planning.

In addition to technical optimizations, we also carry out cost estimates and, if necessary, variant calculations and thus help you to optimize your project economically. By means of 3D measurements, which serve as the basis for our well thought-out and easy-to-assemble systems, a smooth implementation based on 3D planning is given. This is what a partnership with BEMO is all about.