Individual design according to needs and wishes, starting from the concept phase.

As an internationally experienced manufacturer of high-quality roof and façade systems, we are very familiar with complex project tasks. We have our own design office with experienced civil engineers, structural engineers, 2D and 3D designers and “practitioners”. With our team of specialist designers, we are there for you in the concept phase of roofs and façades.

We create assembly and manufacturing designs and detailed solutions for assembly. In 2D or 3D as required. We also supply the necessary control and assembly details and take care of production data generation. We focus on each detail and ensure that everything has been thought of in individual part drawings. The necessary static calculations and certifications as well as structural engineering and acoustics certificates are part of the BEMO design package. For each project.

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Plan your building envelope with BEMO with us

A well-coordinated team paired with expert knowledge are essential to master any challenge. BEMO distinguishes exactly that: Experts with creativity and heart work together worldwide and support your project with full commitment. Your planning is in safe hands and is professionally and creatively supervised, so that in the end a unique and innovative project is created.

Together we will realize your ideas!