Smooth transition & free forms with the standing seam façade from BEMO

The right solution for new construction or renovation

Free forms, smooth transitions from roof to façade, and cylindrical and three-dimensional building shapes are increasingly required in modern architecture. A BEMO standing seam façade is exactly the right solution for this. BEMO standing seam impresses with many benefits, a variety of different systems and is suitable for both new construction and renovation.

Different profile widths from 100 mm to 800 mm, 2 profile heights, almost infinite panel lengths, parallel, conical, and free-form profiles offer architects and designers a wide range of possibilities in the use of the standing seam façade. The standard materials used are aluminium and steel, but can be stainless steel, zinc, or copper. Radii for curved profiles start as low as 600 mm, depending on the choice of material.

Convex and concave radii are possible with the standing seam façade. The penetration-free and therefore invisible fastening leaves nothing to be desired and provides maximum safety. Length expansion takes place smoothly and permanently on the system brackets. BEMO standing seam brackets without thermal bridges optimise thermal insulation in low system structures. The standing seam system is completed by extremely variable, economical BEMO substructure systems for optimum tolerance compensation for any building shape, and of course all designed by the BEMO technical and design team.

  • Penetration-free fastening
    for long-lasting stability
  • Different widths of the standing seam profiles
    from 100mm to 800mm
  • Wide range of design options thanks to
    different profile heights, panel lengths, parallel, conical and free-form profiles
  • Thermal bridge-free brackets optimise
    thermal insulation with low system construction
  • Variable and economical BEMO substructure systems
    for optimum tolerance compensation for every building shape
  • Standing seam façades meet the highest demands
    in terms of building physics and acoustics
variety of shapes
variety of materials
variety of colors
low maintenance

BEMO façade profiles meet the very highest structural requirements

Straight or conical – free choice of shape and material of BEMO standing seam profiles

BEMO standing seam profiles ensure maximum safety for building cladding. Even in special shapes, BEMO façade profiles guarantee full functionality. Our standing seam façades also meet the highest demands in terms of structural soundness and acoustics. On top of that, they can be used for almost any shape of building. The visual design possibilities are many and varied. You have free choice of profile shape, metal, surface, and colour. By interlocking onto special standing seam holders, a penetration-free installation is also ensured.

The three proven profile variants can be selected as façade profiles for all materials:

N 50 – the profile with 50 mm seam height and variable profile widths. It is often used for smaller roof areas such as monopitch roofs and residential buildings, as it has a particularly subtle and aesthetic appearance. The façade profile is also in demand for industrial roofs without high snow loads.

N 65 – the profile with 65 mm seam height and variable profile widths. Due to the seam height of the façade profile, it is particularly suitable for flat sloping roofs. It also has a very good load-bearing capacity and therefore good structural values.

VF 65 – the profile with 65 mm seam height and variable profile widths. This façade profile is ideal for use on rigid insulation and wooden boarding, where it is laid over the entire surface. The geometry of the bracket foot accommodates special mouldings without imprinting.

penetration-free fastening
profile lengths of> 100 meters can be realized
adaptable to any shape of building
available materials: aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium zinc
surfaces: coated, natural, natural-stucco, brushed
colour systems: BEMO-FLON, PVDF, HDP, polyester & on customer request
profile not flammable
approval Z-14.1-182 / Z-14.1-640 / FM-Approvals / ASTM / BBA-Certificate / Avis Technique / GOS
Design variety
Colors | Materials | Surfaces

BEMO-MONRO® for a flexible standing seam façade covering

High adaptability for free-form buildings with BEMO-MONRO®

BEMO-MONRO® is a patented standing seam system that allows flexible adaptability of standing seam roofing to virtually any building shape. The system lets you create unique roofing at the front, where each panel is usually unique. Based on an exact 3D measurement, the metal sheets are shaped to the millimetre so that they fit perfectly into the measured space on the free-form building.

The MONRO® system is generally combined with a substructure that is adjustable in three dimensions. This allows unevenness in the supporting structure to be corrected easily and efficiently. BEMO 3D design plans the standing seam system ready for installation in the standing seam roofing of the façade.

For larger circular and conical buildings, special conical profiles are used. With a minimum width of 100 mm and a maximum covering width of 800 mm, these special profiles allow almost any requirement to be implemented. Because the standing seam sheets for the façade are formed to fit precisely in a single work step, there is no need for time-consuming trimming during the project.

All BEMO special profiles are also offered in curved shapes and in all materials.

non-penetrating fastening
profile lengths of > 100 metres are possible
available materials: aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium zinc
surfaces: coated, natural, natural-stuccoed, brushed
colour systems: BEMO-FLON, PVDF, HDP, polyester & upon customer request

Planning flowing façades sensibly

Our team of experts will be happy to assist you in planning your free-form architecture project. Using comprehensive analyses and innovative 3D planning, our BEMO expert planners create geometries and surface optimizations of any facade shape.

Design variety
Colors | Materials | Surfaces

Curved façades with curved standing seam panels

Precise fit of the standing seam sheets by BEMO directly on the structure

Curved standing seam panels from BEMO can be used to create smooth building shapes. For a curved façade in perfectly fitting design, we shape the BEMO standing seam sheets into a curved form – often also with our mobile production facilities on site, not only to save freight costs, but also to be able to align the sheets directly on the object.

For a curved standing seam façade, the curvature can be either concave, convex or concave-convex. Curving down to the smallest radii is possible. Depending on the material and profile, minimum radii of less than 800 mm are feasible for us.

All BEMO profile variants can be used for subsequent curving. This ensures that even with a curved façade, complete functional safety of the products is guaranteed. Tolerance compensation is also possible using BEMO substructure systems BEMO-Dome or BEMO-Flex. We also recommend a 3D survey of the entire building shape as well as the use of the BEMO execution design in 3D.

penetration-free fastening
curves can be concave, convex or concave-convex down to the smallest radii
available materials: aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium zinc
surfaces: coated, natural, natural-stuccoed, brushed
colour systems: BEMO-FLON, PVDF, HDP, polyester & on customer request

Perforated façades with BEMO standing seam profiles

Protection and design freedom with perforated standing seam façades

Perforated BEMO standing seam profiles impress with their many advantages: design and form freedom, high span widths and solar protection. Perforated standing seam profiles from BEMO can also be used to create perforated façades and therefore fulfil important protective functions in the façade. The profiles can be provided with almost any hole pattern and width. Parking garages can be clad floor by floor, thus saving substructure and installation costs. The profiles are slipped onto BEMO brackets and therefore allow continuous panels of 20 m and more. Apart from the vertical arrangement, standing seam sheets can also be laid horizontally or diagonally.

Panel seams come in two versions: with unperforated seams or fully perforated for free-form profiles.

great freedom of design and layout
ideal sun protection
any hole pattern possible
continuous panels of > 20 m possible
offers a tolerance compensation of +/- 45mm
are slid onto BEMO brackets

Bracket systems for standing seam façades

High load-bearing capacity of the façade with brackets from BEMO made of aluminium or GFRP

The free sliding movement of the standing seam sheets during thermal linear expansion is one of the most important properties of a BEMO standing seam façade. For this purpose, the façade needs halters that ensure optimum load-bearing capacity. BEMO aluminium brackets are specially designed for optimum sliding behaviour due to their rounded corners. BEMO thermal caps TK 5 and TK 15 attached to the foot of the bracket provide thermal decoupling.

high load-bearing capacity
good sliding movement of the standing seam tracks on the bracket
thermally decoupled due to the thermal caps

Bracket in fibreglass-reinforced plastic (GFRP)

For a thermal bridge-free structure that sustainably reduces energy costs

As an alternative to our aluminium brackets, GFRP brackets are suitable for a thermal bridge-free construction. Our GFRP brackets are free of highly heat-conductive components and thus completely free of thermal bridges. As a result, the insulation thickness is significantly reduced while the effective U-value remains the same. They are distinguished by high rigidity and very good load-bearing capacity.
high load-bearing capacity
very good sliding movement of the standing seam panels on the bracket
completely free of thermal bridges

The BEMO-DOME flexible standing seam façade substructure

As rainscreen substructures and for various building shapes usable

For cylindrical or over 2-axis curved building shapes the BEMO-DOME substructure builds the most suitable solution as it can be used highly flexibly. The cladding options are many: from metallic trapezoidal and corrugated profiles to conical or free-form BEMO-MONRO panels. What is special about the system is its good load-bearing capacity, its perfect tolerance compensation and its simple on-site installation. Moreover, it is also ideal as a rainscreen substructure.

As a rear-ventilated wall construction or unventilated the BEMO-DOME façade substructure can meet all regulations- also as a rainscreen. For a perfect result, the use of a 3-D scan for the on-site survey and execution design in 3-D for this substructure system is recommended.

The standardised system always consists of the same components. It only varies between round and square tubes and different brackets, depending on the design. The façade substructure can be fastened on the most diverse substrates and offers tolerance compensation of +/- 45 mm.

high load-bearing capacity of the system
high accuracy of fit through 3D measurement and planning
easy on-site assembly thanks to BEMO assembly planning
optimal substructure solution for rounded roof and facade surfaces
offers a tolerance compensation of +/- 45mm


Aviva Studios (Factory International)

Architect OMA – Ellen van Loon; Rem Koolhaas; Carol Patterson; Gary Owen; Allies und Morrison; Ryder Architecture
Product used BEMO standing seam
Material Aluminium
External Surface PVDF3
Color RAL 9003
Surface approx. 4.000 m²

Sports hall Schorlemerstraße

Architect Dohle + Lohse Architekten
Material Aluminium 1mm
External Surface BEMO-FLON
Color Red Terra metallic G15 Flon
Surface approx. 900 m²

Elementary school Längenfeldgasse Vienna

Architect PPAG Architects
Material aluminium
Surface approx. 4,000 m²

Lorentz Leiden Towers

Architect Neutelings Riedijk Architects
Material aluminium
External Surface AluNatur
Color Elox Pale Umber + Flox Medium Champagne
Surface 5400 sqm

Breitengüßbach kindergarten

Architect Paptistella Architekten
Material Aluminium
External Surface BEMO Flon
Color RAL 3011
Surface 121 m² roof and approx. 200 m² facade

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