Aluminium composite panels in any design

Wide range of design possibilities with BEMO-BOND

As a high-quality façade cladding for rear-ventilated curtain walls, BEMO-BOND aluminium composite panels can be used in a wide variety of designs. Visibly or invisibly fastened – in freely designable, different panel dimensions of 6,000 mm x 2,000 mm – with a wide variety of colours and individually designed detail solutions.

Perforated backlit elements on request, the possibility to integrate lettering, coats of arms or logos – the design possibilities with BEMO-BOND aluminium composite panels are almost limitless. Also available as non-combustible composite panel in building material classification A2.

  • Freely designable, different panel dimensions
    of 6,000 mm x 2,000 mm possible
  • Visible and non-visible fastening
    by means of screws or rivets
  • Closed cut edges possible
    and in surface colour feasible
  • Fire classifications include B-S1, dO and A2-S1, dO
    or as non-combustible composite panel in aluminium A2
  • Countless design possibilities
    also with perforated and backlit elements
  • 4mm or 6mm
    Panel thickness

Aluminium composite panels individually manufactured at our own production facilities

BEMO-BOND aluminium composite panels come in the complete BEMO colour palette. You can also mix your own colour preferences in the BEMO colour laboratory. Matching connecting and edging parts can be ordered and supplied from the same batch. Panel fastening can be done visibly, e.g. by means of screws or rivets, in panel colours. Concealed or invisible fastenings can be designed as a cassette system or with the innovative BEMO-BOND INVISIO system. Optional sealed edges close the panel core and give the panel the same surface colour all round.

Processing of the aluminium composite panels is done in our own processing centre, on the basis of the BEMO execution design. The panels are pre-processed according to requirements and delivered to the project just-in-time. The fire classifications are B-s1,d0 and A2-s1,d0. The panel thickness can be 4 mm or 6 mm.

Closed Edge


Corner Lipping


Rounded Panels

Screwed plate

Plate riveted

Open edges

Closed edges

individual colour selection
panel sizes up to 6,000 x 2,000 mm are available
fire classifications B2-s1,d0 & A2-s1,d0
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BEMO-BOND INVISIO aluminium composite panels for façades

High-quality appearance thanks to concealed mounting

The perfect attachment of composite panels for façades: invisible, aesthetic and cost-effective. BEMO-BOND INVISIO allows year-round installation regardless of the weather and the possibility of fine adjustment during final assembly.

The system gives architects and designers the possibility to use very large panel sizes (up to 6,000 mm x 2,000 mm) and make the joints almost invisible. The linear expansion of the composite panels for the façade takes place via the sliding suspension on the substructure rails. Grout can be used with the panels in the same colour tone that surrounds them and is permanent and secure. High-quality perforated finishes and closed cut edges as well as perfect corner and reveal formations complement the high-quality appearance of the BEMO-BOND INVISIO façade. Of course, BEMO-BOND INVISIO can also be curved in large radii.

year-round, weather-independent installation possible
panel sizes up to 6,000 x 2,000 mm are available
fire classification A2-s1,d0

Substructure systems and façade systems with composite panels

Compensate for tolerances – avoid thermal bridges

The substructure is the link between the load-bearing wall and the façade cladding. It is anchored in the exterior wall and therefore transfers the weight of the façade cladding to the structure of the building. BEMO offers innovative substructure systems for rainscreen façades and aluminium composite panels that compensate for tolerances and are free of thermal bridges. We are happy to work with you to determine which substructure fits your requirements, taking all circumstances into account.


Car wash Mr. Wash

Architect Waldow architectural office
Material Composite panel
External Surface BEMO-FLON
Color Deep Gray Metallic
Surface approx. 1.400m²

Manching airfield maintenance hangar

Architect GMP Hamburg
Material BEMO-BOND composite panel + aluminium 1.0 mm
External Surface BEMO-FLON
Color RAL 7021 (black grey) for BEMO-BOND INVISIO + BEMO-FLON Feve RAL 9007 for TP 40-100
Surface approx. 4,000 m² BEMO-BOND INVISIO + approx. 8,500 m² TP 40-100

Koblenz Chamber of Handicrafts (HwK) Canteen

Architect BHP Architekten
Material BEMO-BOND composite panel
External Surface smooth
Color Moos Green, Pure White, Smoke Silver
Surface 220 m² (Green) + 250 m² (White) + 170 m² (Silver)

Mo.Ki Centre

Architect Nagy-Stromann GbR Architects
Material BEMO-BOND composite panel
External Surface LUMIFLON-FEVE
Color PURE White similar to RAL 9010 30 GE
Surface approx. 775 m²

Rheinfelden Industrial School

Architect Architect's office Männer
Material Composite panel / Aluminium
External Surface BEMO-FLON
Color Anthracite Gray (BEMO-BOND) + RAL 9007
Surface approx. 250 m²

360° Service

Best technical support

In BEMO’s own planning office, you can expect system-experienced technicians and engineers – equipped with innovative and, in some cases, specially developed planning technology with 3D. From the initial consultation to the implementation of your design ideas, the design and choice of materials, the first technical details and static preliminary measurements through to holistic implementation and workshop planning.

This also includes cost estimates, technical optimizations and variant calculations that help you to optimize your project economically. The optimal basis is the 3D measurements for our proven and easy-to-assemble systems and the implementation in 3D planning. For us, all of this is part of a comprehensive partnership with BEMO.