Thinking about tomorrow today
Our commitment to a liveable future

The motto “A little better every day” accompanies BEMO in all business areas. In this context, sustainable business management stands above all other goals for us. This means that we are actively committed to continually optimising our products and services. It also means that we do something every day to create a future worth living for ourselves and future generations. In terms of people, materials and resource use.

As a company in the construction industry, we are aware of our responsibility. We want to live sustainability in our everyday business! These are big words. We want to fill them with action. But what does that actually mean?

Leading by example

Thinking and acting sustainably

  • We want to be the benchmark for sustainable corporate management in our industry.
  • We understand sustainability first and foremost as the longevity of our products
  • We involve all employees from all work areas in our sustainability strategy
  • Our supply chain is a key partner and driver
  • We design and supply modern systems with fully recyclable materials
  • We put the avoidance of energy consumption before reduction and compensation

Environmental protection and sustainability has many facets

We have high standards for our products and services. We also place the same demands on sustainable and environmentally friendly business operations. Starting with the procurement of raw materials, through production and project planning to the end of the life of our products, with all the little steps in between. The list of tasks is long, so we have summarised the essential measures here:

Building the future with our products

We aim to build the world’s most sustainable metal building envelopes, combining aesthetics, economy and durability. Globally, buildings consume around 40% of the energy generated and are responsible for 30% of all energy-related greenhouse gases. Stricter guidelines and laws are intended to counteract this and ensure that new buildings must have a very low energy balance. Roofs and façades in particular have a decisive influence on the energy balance, which is why BEMO develops and manufactures products that already comply with the guidelines that will also become stricter in the future.

Our products are made from raw materials with the highest possible recycled content (75%-100%) and the lowest possible CO2 footprint in the industry today. They all have a use expectancy of more than 50 years and can then be returned to the recycling loop at 100%.

Short cuts for a long-lasting building envelope

We source more than 90% of our aluminium, more than 98% of our steel and over 95% of our fasteners from European production, mainly from Scandinavia. Our supply chain is one hundred percent transparent and our partners are selected according to strict criteria regarding the use of renewable energy and carbon footprint. To reduce logistics, we produce large projects directly at the construction site and continuously improve our pre-assembly rate of delivered systems.

Putting a lot of energy into less energy consumption

We are successively adapting our infrastructure to sustainable energy use. We focus on reducing our energy consumption, rely on renewable power generation and compensate where our influence reaches its limits. To this end, we invest in PV systems, convert our vehicles in the company and in the field to electric drives and promote a sustainable use of energy in the company.

We package quality sustainably

To ensure that our products arrive safely and without any loss of quality, we rely on sustainable packaging solutions. Our main packaging material is wood, which comes from regional forests in southern Germany and is processed very close to the factory. Other packaging materials such as cardboard boxes and plastic are made of recycled material or are currently being converted to 100% recycled material.

Thought from the beginning

We want to solve problems of the future today. In the construction industry, it is foreseeable that the increasing demand for building materials will hardly be able to be met, while the disposal of the ever-increasing amounts of (hazardous) waste will become more and more difficult. That is why we develop our products in such a way that they can be easily dismantled after the use phase, separated according to type and completely recycled through appropriate material selection. We consistently test all ingredients for possible pollutants. Our metal roofs and façades are recyclable materials that can be returned to cycles through recycling at a consistently high level of quality. Your BEMO roof or façade thus becomes a material reservoir for future generations.

Creating sustainability together

BEMO sees itself as a fair employer – we promote, challenge and protect our team. We create an inclusive corporate culture in which each person is valued, can find balance and is allowed to develop further. In doing so, we carry our social responsibility and our social commitment beyond the boundaries of the company.

Of big and small things:

Learn even more about BEMO measures

The most environmentally friendly building envelope

Discover BSustain - our particularly sustainable products and systems

With our BSustain product range we are taking the next big step and making sustainability a reality! All products with our BSustain label meet the following criteria, which we strictly control:

  • The smallest possible Co2 footprint in production compared to the industry as a whole
  • Highest possible percentage (up to 100%) of recycled material from the material cycle, so-called “post-consumer” recycling
  • An expected product life of more than 50 years
  • 100% recyclability without loss of quality according to the cradle-to-cradle principle

We are project partners: we act and communicate at eye level and respect the highest social and ethical standards. We are guided by common values that determine our daily actions and underpin our success.

BEMO is much more than just a manufacturer of metal roofs and facades: our unique and versatile team goes above and beyond every day, making BEMO the project partner for the metal building envelope.

Stay up to date on our sustainable and innovative product solutions, read project reports from around the world and learn more about what BEMO is up to when it comes to sustainability.