Facade panels individually designed

BEMO-UNIKO with free profile geometry for every façade

BEMO-UNIKO panel facades are modern, high-quality and individual. As different as the individual profiles are, they all have one thing in common: they are made of metal. This combines the advantages of metal façade cladding such as durability, sustainability and economy with almost unlimited design freedom. Materials, colours, profile geometries as well as installation directions and fastening methods can be selected to suit the respective building project and building design. BEMO-UNIKO box profile panels, serrated panels or free-form panels can also be supplied in a perforated version as a solar-shading, functional façade cladding.

  • Profile geometry according to your wishes
    angular, jagged, rounded etc.
  • Individual colour selection
    to match your design
  • Free installation directions and
    fastening types can be selected to match the project
  • Choose your preferred material
    e.g. aluminium, steel and stainless steel, zinc or copper

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BEMO-UNIKO Box Profile Panels

Exciting shadow effect on the panel façade with right-angled beading

BEMO-UNIKO box profile panels have an elegant linear structure that creates an interesting effect of light and shadow. Depending on the requirements and application, box profile panels from BEMO are fixed to the façade in a concealed, visible or freely sliding manner. The direction of installation is variable – horizontal, vertical and diagonal. BEMO-UNIKO box profile panels can be manufactured in almost all colours, materials and, on request, also in perforated versions.
almost unlimited range of colours
also available in perforated version
thermal bridge-free installation on TEKOFIX-A++ substructure
lengths up to 6,200 mm Aluminum (1.0 mm) | 4,500 mm steel (1.25-1.5 mm)

BEMO-UNIKO serrated panels

Playful optics combined with timeless elegance

Individual panels with continuous striking serrations convince with a modern, playful look with a homogeneous structure. Viewed from a distance, the jagged structure dissolves completely and creates a pleated effect. BEMO-UNIKO serrated panels are permanently stable and can be concealed or visibly fixed, depending on requirements. Depending on the direction of installation – horizontal, vertical or diagonal – the result is a unique play of light and shade. There are virtually no limits to the choice of materials and colours. BEMO-UNIKO serrated panels are also ideal for use with perforations.
almost unlimited colour range
also available in perforated design
thermal bridge-free installation on TEKOFIX-A++ substructure
lengths up to 6,200 mm Aluminum (1.0 mm) | 4,500 mm steel (1.25-1.5 mm)

BEMO-UNIKO free-form panels

Distinctive façade design for every project

Modern metal façades with customised designs can be realised with BEMO-UNIKO free-form panels with unique profile geometries. They ensure total flexibility in the implementation of your design and combine all the advantages of metal panel façades in terms of durability, sustainability, economy and aesthetics. Just like all other BEMO individual panels, free-form panels can be installed in any direction: horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The fastening is either visible or concealed, depending on the requirements. There is almost unlimited scope for creativity in the choice of materials and colours, as well as the possibility of producing perforated versions.
almost unlimited colour range
also available in perforated design
thermal bridge-free installation on TEKOFIX-A++ substructure
lengths up to 6,200 mm Aluminum (1.0 mm) | 4,500 mm steel (1.25-1.5 mm)


Sportbad Neckarpark

Architect Lehmann Architekten GmbH & AHM Architekten mbH
Product used BEMO-UNIKO
Material Aluminium 1mm
External Surface anodised
Color silver anodised / powder-coated similar to RAL 5004 (blue) / strip anodised C32 Light Bronze
Surface approx. 4,000 m²

3 Sisters Reeseberg

Architect Renner Hainke Wirth Zirn Architekten
Material Aluminium
External Surface PVDF
Color similar to C32 (light bronze)
Surface approx. 2,700 m²

Schelmengraben District Centre

Architect sdks architekten
Material Aluminium
External Surface Eloxal
Color Gold
Surface approx. 1,200 m²

Eislingen gym

Architect f.r.a. frank rögner architekt
Product used BEMO-UNIKO
Material 0.75 mm steel
Color anthracite gray
Surface approx. 1.400 m²

Emser Thermenhotel

Architect 4a Architekten
Material aluminium
External Surface BEMO-FLON
Color BEMO-FLON Gold G40 & BEMO-BOND Pure White B1
Surface approx. 3,000 m²

360° Service

All-round support for planning and realisation

Thanks to its own planning office with system-experienced technicians and engineers – equipped with the latest 3D planning technology, some of which was developed in-house – BEMO offers support for roof and façade right from the start. From the initial consultation to the realisation of the desired design, the choice of materials and the design of the building envelope, the first technical details and static preliminary measurements to the complete execution and workshop planning.

Cost estimates, technical optimisations or even variant calculations help you to economically optimise your project. 3D measurements serve as the basis for our well thought-out and easy-to-assemble systems and panels as well as for the execution in 3D planning. All this is what we understand by comprehensive partnership with BEMO.