We meet all requirements with experience and special solutions.

The interaction of static and structural requirements and design preferences is sometimes challenging. This is exactly where BEMO offers solutions and approaches considering all requirements with proven and tested system solutions or special solutions based on our experience.

Our special focus here is the avoidance of thermal bridge points whose negative effect on the thermal insulation of a building is enormous. Savings of up to 75% in the insulation package can be achieved through the optimal use of appropriate materials. This has a major economic effect and allows for slimmer structures with the same insulating effect. A professional U-value calculation is essential to determine the thermal transmittance. BEMO calculates the U-value and, on this basis, ensures that optimum thermal insulation is provided.

On request, the BEMO service package can include the optimisation of the roof and façade structure, the corresponding U-value verification and the dew point calculation. Of course, thermal bridges in the system superstructures are taken into account.

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We create something unique with the latest technology and special solutions. To this end, our experts work closely and at the same time internationally. In a synergetic partnership, we are at your side with advice and will find the best solution for your project. Years of experience, creativity and passion form the core of this partnership.

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