BEMO profile façades with corrugated & trapezoidal profiles

The classics: cost-effective and reliable

BEMO profile façades are an interesting design alternative that give a special look to particularly large surfaces. Corrugated profiles and trapezoidal profiles are particularly economical façade solutions and are mainly used in commercial and industrial buildings.

BEMO corrugated and trapezoidal profiles not only offer a high degree of individualisation possibilities due to different profile geometries. In combination with a wide range of options for colours, surfaces, and materials, they give every building a lively appearance.

  • Lively appearance
    due to different profile geometries
  • Laying of the profiles
    horizontal, vertical or diagonal
  • Substructure without thermal bridges
    for optimum energy efficiency
  • Particularly economical façade solution
    especially for commercial and industrial buildings

Corrugated profiles from BEMO in many variations

Countless possibilities in façade design with corrugated profiles

Besides the trapezoidal profile, the classic for façade design is the corrugated profile. Corrugated profiles are an attractive and sustainable façade solution, especially in residential construction, but also in commercial and industrial buildings. Combined with the wide range of options in colours, finishes and materials, they give a special touch to any building.

Depending on the size of the façade area, you can choose between four different sine waves. Each profile can be used both horizontally and vertically. Rainscreens are preferably installed using thermal bridge-free BEMO thermal brackets. An extensive range of system accessories rounds off our range of corrugated profiles.

wide range of colours
in all metals: aluminium, steel, stainless steel, zinc, copper, etc.
surfaces freely selectable
lengths up to 17.50 m
thermal bridge-free mounting on TEKOFIX-A++ substructure
different sine waves, depending on the size of the façade area

WP 18-76

WP 27-111

WP 42-160

WP 55-177

BEMO trapezoidal profiles with design variation

Design and functional diversity for façades

BEMO trapezoidal profiles enable the most economical execution of building envelopes. Can be achieved in all BEMO colours and with all surfaces and materials. Depending on the profile geometry, a wide spacing between the necessary fastening points can be achieved, thus reducing the effort required for the substructure. The different profile geometries offer design variants. Evenly profiled geometries appear harmonious from a distance; unevenly profiled ones increase the surface effect. Our trapezoidal profiles are suitable for the cladding of cassette systems, for direct installation on the substructure in cold halls or as cladding for rainscreens.
wide range of colours
in all metals: aluminium, steel, stainless steel, zinc, copper, etc.
surfaces freely selectable
lengths up to 19.50 m
thermal bridge-free mounting on TEKOFIX-A++ substructure

TP 20-75

TP 20-100

TP 37-207

TP 40-100

TP 50-250

BEMO-UNIKO façade profiles

High-quality façade design with individual designs

BEMO-UNIKO individual panels are the ideal cladding for curtain-type, rear-ventilated facades. The metal façade profiles are economical, durable and aesthetic. They can be manufactured with completely individual geometries according to customer requirements. Depending on the requirements and application, they can be concealed on the façade, visible or freely sliding for hanging. The installation directions are variable: horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

BEMO-UNIKO panels all have one thing in common: they are made of metal. Starting from this basis, there is almost unlimited freedom of design in terms of materials, colours and grid widths. As a shady, functional building envelope, BEMO-UNIKO profiles made of metal can also be supplied in a perforated version.

almost limitless variety of colours
also possible in perforated design
thermal bridge-free installation on TEKOFIX-A++ substructure
lengths up to 6,200 mm aluminium (1.0 mm) | 4,500 mm steel (1.25-1.5 mm)

Substructure systems and façade systems with corrugated and trapezoidal profiles

For tolerance compensation and to avoid thermal bridges

The substructure is anchored in the outer wall as a link between the load-bearing wall and the façade cladding. In this way, it transfers the weight of the façade cladding to the structure of the building. BEMO offers innovative substructure systems to compensate for tolerances, especially for rear-ventilated façades, and at the same time ensures a construction free of thermal bridges. We will be happy to work with you to find the right substructure for your individual requirements, taking all circumstances into account.


Manching airfield maintenance hangar

Architect GMP Hamburg
Material BEMO-BOND composite panel + aluminium 1.0 mm
External Surface BEMO-FLON
Color RAL 7021 (black grey) for BEMO-BOND INVISIO + BEMO-FLON Feve RAL 9007 for TP 40-100
Surface approx. 4,000 m² BEMO-BOND INVISIO + approx. 8,500 m² TP 40-100

Rheinfelden Industrial School

Architect Architect's office Männer
Material Composite panel / Aluminium
External Surface BEMO-FLON
Color Anthracite Gray (BEMO-BOND) + RAL 9007
Surface approx. 250 m²

Eislingen gym

Architect f.r.a. frank rögner architekt
Product used BEMO-UNIKO
Material 0.75 mm steel
Color anthracite gray
Surface approx. 1.400 m²

Emser Thermenhotel

Architect 4a Architekten
Material aluminium
External Surface BEMO-FLON
Color BEMO-FLON Gold G40 & BEMO-BOND Pure White B1
Surface approx. 3,000 m²

Apartment building in Münchenstein

Architect Stephan Eicher Architekten
Material aluminium
Color anthracite gray (RAL7016)
Surface approx. 450m²

360° Service

Professional technical support

In the BEMO design office system-experienced technicians and engineers work all equipped with the latest 3D design technology. Some of it is developed in-house. Your project benefits from an initial consultation on the implementation of the desired design, a wide choice of materials and shaping, an overview of all technical details and static preliminary measurements. On top of that, BEMO takes care of the complete implementation and workshop planning.

To optimise your project economically, cost estimates, technical optimisations or even variant calculations are aimed at any project stage. 3D measurements build the foundation for our well thought-out and assembly-friendly systems and implementation in 3D design. This is what we understand a comprehensive partnership.