Wei-Wu-Ying Center Of The Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


The center forms part of a new designed park area for cultural events and concerts within 66 hectares.

The Wei-Wu-Ying-Center is the architectural highlight of the area and is following the design-intent of Mecanoo Architecten from the Netherlands.

The design idea is based on the typical trees of the area – the banyan trees, with their iconic crowns and the vast undulating structures.

The WWYC is 225 meters in length and 116 meters wide, which hosts a theatre for over 2000 people, a concert-hall of equal dimension plus two smaller halls.

Being built in a typhoon hot-spot-area, the structural resistance requirements of the metal cladding was challenging as well as the main structure of the building.

BEMO was involved from an early stage, making the design-intent of the architect feasable with its unique BEMO-MONRO free-form compentence.

Tolerance adjustments over the 4 layers in the 800mm roof-build-up were engineered by BEMO based on 3D-scans of the as-built-structure. BEMO-MONRO panels were produced on site with the BEMO mobile technology.

The launch of this marvellous project recently took place.

Photos: Christian Richters, Iwan Baan