Photovoltaic Standing Seam Solar Roof for Aircraft Manufacturers in Switzerland

BEMO Metal Roof Received the Largest Solar Power Plant in the Canton of Nidwalden

Johannes Huber

Already in 2018, BEMO installed the standing seam roof on the wooden construction of the aircraft manufacturer Pilatus in Stans, Switzerland, which is located directly next to the A2 motorway. The hall has a size of almost two soccer fields and enabled the installation of 4.996 solar modules. The roof from BEMO created the precondition for the solar system. In rich dark green, the standing seam roof and part of the facade fit in perfectly with the surroundings. As a particularly robust and durable roof, it now forms the basis for one of the largest solar power plants in Central Switzerland. With the support of BEMO, the aircraft manufacturer is taking a big step forward towards a climate-neutral aircraft production.

A Standing Seam Roof Construction as a Sustainable Basis for Solar Systems

A BEMO Standing seam system is the ideal roof covering for company buildings, because it combines durability and safety with visual design options. For the photovoltaic standing seam solar roof of the Pilatus aircraft plant, the standing seam panels with a length of approx. 70m were manufactured directly on site – this way, transverse overlaps in the roof area can be avoided. Since our standing seam profiles are installed penetration-free, there are no weak spots that could result in leaks. In addition, the local production has above all economic and environmental advantages.

Standing seam roofs are ideal as a substructure for photovoltaic and solar systems. Solar systems are quick and easy to install on a standing seam roof, which means reduced installation time and labour costs. The type of assembly differs depending on the manufacturer. Thanks to BEMO-TOP and BEMO-AKKORD rails, which have been proven over many years, systems from BEMO can be fastened penetration free – without point loads, constraints and with unhindered rear ventilation of the modules.

Realise Your Project With a Photovoltaic Standing Seam Solar Roof

BEMO is not only an expert for metall building envelopes, but also for on-roof solutions such as solar thermal and photovoltaic. Let us advise you comprehensively on how you can make your construction project more sustainable with solar systems. Just contact us!

About the Author

Johannes Huber is sales manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His vision is to find individual solutions for unique buildings. In addition to his work in sales, Johannes also works closely with the marketing team and supports the product business and development utilising his many years of experience.