The standing seam roofing of the Garagum Hotel & Business Center is making excellent progress


The BEMO standing seam system is in high demand internationally: The Garagum Hotel in the capital of Turkmenistan is being roofed with BEMO-MONRO freeform profiles. The unique architectural vision of the Garagum hotel& Business Center in Ashgabat is thus becoming a reality! BEMO are proud to progress this order and implement the standing seam roof; together with ADEN metal, BEMO provided full engineering of the roof structure and standing seam system.

Vision becomes reality: The standing seam roof has already taken shape

Inspired by the Karakum desert, the architectural intent was to create the illusion of a floating building. This is no challenge for BEMO: Our team of building envelope experts have experience with projects, that are anything but straightforward and simple. The team provided supported during the initial stages of the project, providing: analyses, feasibility studies and execution solutions.

BEMO-DOME substructure for curved lines and elegance

The Garagum Hotel and Business Centre stands above all for high quality. This is also to be reflected in the exterior appearance. In order to realise the floating design of the building inspired by the Karakum desert, a geometrically segmented trapezoidal sheet was mounted on the steel structure as a supporting shell. On top of this came an adaptable and parametrically designed BEMO-DOME substructure, which gives the individual segments the smooth, curved appearance designed by the architect. It is ideally suited for cylindrical building shapes or those curved over two axes and therefore ideal for the planned standing seam roofing of the Garagum Hotel.

How is the BEMO-DOME roof substructure constructed?

The system of standardized components with unlimited possibilities, always consists of standard components of which the only variations are whether the tubes are round or square, and in how they are mounted. But even if it doesn’t look like it at first glance: This roof substructure can be mounted on almost all substrates, whereby only the bracket is adapted to the corresponding requirements. BEMO-DOME also has another advantage in that it allows tolerance compensation even after the specified production and adjustment according to planning, this is an enormous advantage, allowing the installer to make minor adjustments on-site to accommodate building tolerances.

Building geometry on a new level with the BEMO-MONRO system

Inspired by nature: Our patented BEMO-MONRO is then mounted onto the BEMO-DOME roof substructure of the Garagum Hotel. BEMO-MONRO standing seam sheets adapt to almost any building geometry and thus allow each building a free form that makes it unique.

But it is not only the Garagum Hotel and Business Centre in Ashgabat that is unique: every standing seam panel made for this building is tailor-made. The metal sheets are made with millimeter accuracy for the predetermined place on the building on the basis of exact 3D measurement data.

For flowing structures, we also use cambered standing seam panels. The curvature can be either concave, convex, or concave-convex and is measured and manufactured down to the smallest radius. Precise planning and an eye for detail are the hallmarks of BEMO and our projects – and this will also be evident in the standing seam roof of the GaragumHotel and Business Centre.

German construction quality in Ashgabat with the standing seam roof from BEMO

Thanks to our mobile production facilities, we can operate internationally! The BEMOMONRO standing seam system is produced individually by our mobile roll forming and curving machines directly on site – a particularly economical and resource-saving production method that ensures the timely supply of material for assembly at all times.

 Standing seam roof from BEMO: Flawless elegance and perfection

The Garagum Hotel receives a visually smooth aluminum cladding with components from the BEMO-SMOOTH product group as a final touch to the functional and formgiving BEMO-MONRO standing seam roofing. BEMO-SMOOTH components make it possible to combine high-end design with absolute safety because the smooth surface is applied to the water-bearing plane without penetration. But how does this technology work?

BEMO-TOP mounting rails from the BEMO-SMOOTH product group are applied to the standing seam roofing with a special seaming machine. The water-bearing layer remains safe and free of penetration and no statically disadvantageous point loads are generated.

The immediate advantage of the BEMO-TOP profiles is that they do not impair the sliding properties of the standing seam roof in the event of thermal linear expansion. They can also accommodate different linear expansions of the functional BEMO-MONRO standing seam level and the smooth optical aluminium outer cladding. Especially for the Garagum Hotel and Business Centre in Ashgabat, this property is important due to the high temperatures and extreme temperature variations.

The BEMO standing seam roof is in demand internationally

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