BEMO GFK thermal holder is Passivhaus certified

Johannes Huber

The GFK thermal halter from Bemo has been Passivhaus certified

Building sustainably and energy-efficiently is hugely important to us at BEMO.  That is why we can proudly report that in addition to our facade console TEKOFIX-A++ substructure our GFK thermal halters are now Passivhaus certified. Our thermal halters are made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) and enable an energy-efficient implementation of construction projects with practically thermal bridge-free constructions. Therefore, Bemo systems will provide the basis for sustainable and energy-conscious construction; coupled with excellent quality.

Passivhaus certification- How do contractors and architects benefit from this?

The GFK Halter was certified by the independent Passivhaus Institute in Darmstadt. As a result, planners and architects who rely on sustainable and energy-efficient construction methods will now have another option available for the low-energy and passive house sector. What is the advantage to you? Whether you are a contractor, planner or an architect , the certification from the Passivhaus Institute provides the assurance that the components are suitable and high quality. In particular, the certificate ensures that the desired building energy balance can be achieved by using the GFK thermal halter.

Who are the Passivhaus Institute and what does certification mean?

As an independent research institute, the Passivhaus Institut Darmstadt investigates and develops new construction concepts, building components and planning tools for energy-efficient buildings. In addition, the institute is also one of the leading research institutes in the world focusing on the energy efficiency of buildings. The results of their research are implemented in the so-called passive houses. Thanks to innovations with thermal insulation, these spaces no longer need an active heating system. Heat is generated, stored and maintained solely by the occupants and appliances in the building, in conjunction with the sun’s irradiation (passive heat generation).

The Passivhaus Institut is the central testing centre for energy-efficient building constructions. One of their significant achievements, was designing the first regularly inhabited apartment building, as a demonstration project, with a heating energy consumption of less than 10 kWh/(m2a). As an independent research centre, it examines entire buildings as well as individual building components (windows, doors, insulation systems or even thermal halters – such as ours). High standards and quality requirements are also assessed by the planners, consultants and craftsmen of the Passivhaus Institute and are included in the certificate issue.

The certification of the GFK thermal halters makes BEMO ideal for energy-efficient buildings. Ultimately, the quality of individual components leads to successful construction projects; and therefore ensures we at Bemo achieve our goals. In providing durable and sustainable buildings, BEMO establishing the basis for future-oriented building constructions through high-quality building components.

Thermal bridge-free construction – How can energy-efficient construction be achieved with the GFK thermal halter?

Keeping warmth in the building is a challenge; because it always looks to get out. The shortest route for heat to escape is through, so-called, thermal bridges in the building construction. As a result, thermal bridges cause several problems such as:

  • The internal surface temperatures decrease
  • Components become moist allow mould to form.
  • Heat loss requires increased heating to compensate.

A thermal bridge-free construction (as in the passive house) reduces heat loss. The GFK thermal halter has extremely low thermal conductivity resulting in minimal heat losses. It is made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic and is therefore free of highly conductive components. This means that, U-values of 0.15 W/(m2*K) or lower can be easily achieved. In addition, the reduced construction depth allows the insulation to be instilled without the need for a cavity. This makes the Passivhaus -certified Bemo GFK thermal halter suitable for preventing heat loss and increased energy efficiency.

Building envelopes from BEMO – Certified for energy efficiency

With BEMO, you have the right specialists at your side for professional advice to plan and design your construction project sustainably. Nothing should stand in the way of your energy-efficient building?  We have the right solutions. Contact us! We would be delighted to answer your questions, or provide comprehensive technical support for your individual project solutions.

About the Author

Johannes Huber is sales manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His vision is to find individual solutions for unique buildings. In addition to his work in sales, Johannes also works closely with the marketing team and supports the product business and development utilising his many years of experience.