Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) at BEMO

We invest in the motivation and performance of our team


At BEMO we are confronted with new exciting projects every day and regularly push the limits of what is possible. To do this, we have to constantly develop our competences and skills and act creatively, flexibly and with agility. High performance as a team is only possible if sufficient physical and mental resources are available. Therefore, we want to create a working environment in which the BEMO team can perform at its best without compromising physical or mental health.

Understanding interrelationships – workplace health promotion in theory and practice

With physiotherapeutic support and advice, BEMO has been developing health promotion measures since the beginning of 2023, which are gradually being put into practice. The basis for this is training of employees on general knowledge in the area of health in the workplace. This training is tailored to the respective departments in the company. This includes topics such as exercise, stress management, prevention of tension, active breaks and ergonomics.

Other company services include one-to-one consultations with physiotherapists dedicated to individual problem treatments to promote health in everyday working life. In this way, we want to contribute to improving the health of our employees.


Small change – big effect: our health management

In addition to theoretical health-promoting knowledge transfer through training and individual discussions, workplaces for our employees are being optimised ergonomically step by step. While height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs have been used for years, it is often the small things that can bring about a big change: a suitable keyboard and mouse, the correct adjustment of screen height and desk chair or the orientation of screens to light.

Small changes with a big impact are not limited to desk work, they can also make a big difference in other business areas such as production. To ensure that our employees are well on their feet throughout the day, BEMO invests in orthopaedic and individually fitted shoe insoles, for example. With these small changes, we want to contribute to occupational health and safety as well as counteract the strain on our employees.

Active break at work – more than just going for a walk

Workplace health promotion (WHP) in the company means more than optimising workplaces and creating awareness. We want to offer incentives to keep physically fit as well – starting in leisure time with company-funded memberships in the nearby gym or in everyday work in the company’s own equipment room. In order to promote active breaks in everyday working life, investments have been made in several well-designed pieces of sports equipment that mobilise, challenge and balance in short units. All exercises and sports equipment are versatile and address individual problems. Of course, we also rely on a comprehensive introduction to the training equipment and exercise suggestions by qualified physiotherapists.

With all workplace health promotion measures, we want to promote awareness of physical and mental health in everyday (work) life and are pleased that our team is open to all suggestions and tries them out. We want to keep learning and getting better – the foundation for a healthy everyday working life at BEMO has been laid.

Workplace health management is an important pillar of sustainable corporate governance. In the long term, crisis-resilient companies with healthy employees are more resilient, sustainable and productive. Therefore, the physical and mental health of our team is an important aspect of our sustainability strategy.

Benefits for our employees thanks to workplace health promotion (WHP)

  • Comprehensive health management
  • Physiotherapy services
  • One-on-one consultations to address specific health issues in the workplace and improve the health of employees
  • Ergonomic optimisation of all workstations
  • Company-funded gym memberships
  • Sports equipment in the workplace for active breaks

Workplace health promotion (WHP) at BEMO aims to promote awareness of physical and mental health in everyday working life and to create a healthy working environment.