BEMO metal roof for chamber music hall

Music meets ingenious creativity and extraordinary design

Johannes Huber

The renowned Kronberg Academy in the Taunus will be expanded to include the Casals Forum. BEMO is responsible for putting the crown on the chamber music hall: With a standing seam covering as the basis for the shingle roof, which turns the art inside out. The new chamber music hall will have an extraordinary and spectacular roof system with an overlying roof cladding, which – with its imposing appearance – prepares the guests for their visit to the chamber music hall. And this roof will not only remain in the minds of the guests.

The new chamber music hall in Kronberg (Taunus) with its pavilion-like concept is intended to reflect the self-image of Kronberg Academy: openness and at the same time intimacy for the musical experience. Here you can find out before you visit the chamber music hall how BEMO uses shingles to create a roof that precisely meets these requirements.

The chamber music hall in Kronberg (Taunus) shines with an innovative design

The project planning is as special as the desired design is. BEMO plans, calculates and supplies the substructure, the standing seam roofing and the basis for the anodised shingles, which lie on top as an optical roof cladding and result in the unique design. A 3D planning and analysis tool is used to plan down to the smallest detail and fine-tune it to perfection. The substructure is tailor-made and the standing seam strips are produced using the patented and mobile BEMO-MONRO production technology.

BEMO rises to the challenge: a tailor-made substructure for the shingle roof

The complexity of the project lies, among other things, in the arched and segmented timber purlins that make up the primary supporting structure together with the trusses. This is where the BEMO-FLEX substructure comes into play. BEMO-FLEX makes it possible to design a three-dimensional outer skin in simple work steps and to compensate for large construction tolerances. A 3D scan serves as the basis for the substructure in order to record the actual situation on site and to enable further 3D planning. The roof construction of the chamber music hall in Kronberg is tailor-made and put together in meticulous detail work. The cooperation between the architects and BEMO resembles a small ensemble with worldwide experience.

The standing seam tracks are multifunctional and ideal for the shingle roof of the chamber music hall in Kronberg (Taunus)

Above all, a roof covering with BEMO standing seam sheets is durable and ideal for the chamber music hall in Kronberg. In addition, the BEMO roof system not only meets the highest building physics requirements but also acoustic requirements like no other roof covering. The standing seam panels are also a particularly good choice for the chamber music hall because they solve the highly complex contour of the roof and form the permanently functioning drainage level.

For roof drainage, this means: Maximum safety and decades of durability with an extraordinary design. The special feature here is an absolutely penetration-free structure, so that there can be no damage and possible leaks.

The roof of the chamber music hall in Kronberg is characterised by quality – Made in Germany

BEMO demands the highest standards, architectural highlights and perfect quality. No problem for us! Our customers can rely on our patented systems and in-house production as well as our international experience. Did we arouse your curiosity? Then convince yourself of our work: You can admire the metal roof of the chamber music hall in Kronberg (Taunus) with your own eyes this year or feel free to contact us! Together with you and our experts, we make the unimaginable a reality.

A propos de l'auteur

Johannes Huber est directeur des ventes pour l’Allemagne, l’Autriche et la Suisse. Sa vision est de trouver des solutions individuelles pour des bâtiments uniques. En plus de son travail dans la vente, Johannes soutient le développement de produits avec des idées passionnantes, l’entreprise de projets avec des années d’expérience et travaille également en étroite collaboration avec le marketing.