BEMO with a difference: Perforated Metal Balcony Railings for Residential Complex

Balcony Railings Made From BEMO Edge Profiles for Residential Building Eisring South in Austria

Josef Rechberger

There are always extraordinary projects for BEMO – this time in Vienna. In the capital of Austria, which has twice been declared as the most liveable city, a new building complex is being built with apartments tailored to different living needs – featuring perforated metal balcony railings from BEMO. For the residential construction project Eisring South, BEMO supplied approx. 2,335m² of balcony railings made of rectangular perforated special edge profiles and BEMO perforated sheets as balcony cladding for around 550 apartments. The choice fell on edge profiles and perforated sheets for good reasons.

Perforated Metal Balcony Railings With Edge Profiles for Greater Economy

BEMO edge profiles are a particularly economical solution for building envelopes or, in this special case, for balcony railings. Materials, colours, and grid widths can be freely selected with BEMO edge profiles. This benefited the railings. In addition, evenly profiled geometries appear harmonious from a distance – unevenly profiled ones, on the other hand, increase the surface effect. For the balcony railings of the residential buildings, the valley corrugations, also known as the « lower chord », were given rectangular perforations to achieve the desired effect.

Especially in residential buildings, balconies are part of entire view in the facade design. In addition to the special shape of the balconies, the profiles loosen up the appearance and at the same time provide interesting accents that visually enhance the building in addition to the perforations in the perforated sheets.

Likewise, the use of perforated sheets as balcony cladding increases the longevity and cost-effectiveness of the balconies. They can be used in a variety of ways, but also require high design and manufacturing precision. The experts from BEMO ensured that the perforated sheets match the construction drawings exactly and are professionally attached. Another plus for perforated metal balcony railings: Perforated metal sheets are particularly environmentally friendly because they are completely recyclable.

Building Envelopes With BEMO- From Design to Implementation

If you are also planning an unusual construction project, the BEMO team is at your side and will provide you with comprehensive advice. Together with you, we will find individual approaches for your requirements as well as the most economical construction method. Feel free to contact us.

A propos de l'auteur

En tant que représentant commercial techniquement expérimenté, Josef conseille les architectes autrichiens lorsqu’il s’agit de solutions de toit et de façade en métal de haute qualité.